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When to order?

All 2018 pre-orders received by October 15, 2017 earn an automatic 2% discount.  The more you pre-book, the more you save.  Earn as much as 16% off 2018 accessories and 30% off boards with Ocean Lineage! All orders must ship between March 15 - June 15, 2018

What to order?

Our partnerships with top industry brands equals greater margins for you!  Order $2,000 in VAMO accessories and get an additional 5% discount on ALL pre-book programs. 

Ways to order:

We’ve made it easier than ever to pre-book and order product from Ocean Lineage.  To order simply call us at 775-357-8535, email at or upload it to the web form below. We know your busy, so we’ve made our ordering process as quick and easy as possible for you. 


All pre-orders $2,500 or over in CAD receive FREE brokerages and duties. Regular season orders over $1,750 receive FREE brokerage and duties. We can process credit card payments (3% fee) or Canada Dollar checks or Wire.

Download order forms:

2018 Pre Orders

NOTICE:  Some web browsers do not display the submit button in the bottom of this form. Scroll down and check before you begin filing it out. If you are having trouble with the form below please click here to go directly to the form source to fill in your application.

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Once order forms are completed: Submit them using the form below!