Will Call / Drop Shipping:

At Ocean Lineage we do not do a traditional “Drop Shipping” Program. As a retailer you can order a board at any one of our warehouses and place it on will call. From there you can schedule to have a trucking service pick up the board and deliver it to your customers directly.

Need a freight carrier?  We have worked out a relationship with our freight carrier where they can set your account up with them at our bulk rates. It’s easy to do and takes 24-48 hours. Click here and fill in the form. A representative from GlobalTranz will contact you to get your account set up.

When setting up your order for Will Call, we require 48 hour notice from the time you submit the Bill of Lading to Ocean Lineage to put the board on a Will Call for pick up. Always schedule your shipments for pick up for two business days after completing the order. Send us the Bill of Lading and we will put the board on order for pick up. Please set up for pick up between 12 and 4pm.

Board dimensions available for download here. Rogue Boxed Dims.pdf       Smooth Boxed Dims.pdf  Coreban BOXED DIMENSIONS PDF.pdf        BOGA WEIGHTS AND DIMS.pdf

Submit your 3rd Party Bill of Lading (BOL)

First step is placing the order online. You must enter in the “Delivery Date” field a delivery date of 48 hours the date you are placing the order. After Placing an order online at oceanlineage.com you will receive the order confirmation with the sales order number. You must submit your 3rd party Bill of Lading by filling in this form by 12:00pm PST the day following the submission of your order to Ocean Lineage. This ensures that your freight will be ready for pick up.

Having trouble viewing the form click here.

Shipping Policy

Accessories: Accessory products are payable up front by credit card. Please download the credit card Authorization form here.

Boards: Please be sure to inspect the boards when they arrive for damage. Write on the Bill of Lading and have the driver sign off on it if any of the following occur:

1) Boxes are damaged.

2) Inspection reveals damages: Be thorough in your explanation of damages.

Take pictures of any ripped boxes or damaged product. If you do this Ocean Lineage will be able to file a claim and seek damages to give you either the appropriate credit for the loss or replacement of board. If this is not done we will only limit your liability to $50 per occurrence. You must complete the shipping claim damage form in it’s entirety to receive a credit.

Have Shipping Damage?

Fill out the shipping damage form by following this link: Ocean Lineage shipping damage claim form

Flat Rate Shipping:

At Ocean Lineage, it is important to control costs in regards to rising freight rates.  We continue to work hard to negotiate the best possible rates which we pass on to our retailers through our Flat Rate Shipping Program.  We have opened multiple warehouse facilities to house inventory to reduce cost, ship time, and damages to better serve you. These warehouses are located in Los Angeles CA, Seattle WA, New York NY and Atlanta GA.

Retailers can choose an optional will call pick up to maximize their margins. Our Zone Shipping Program helps our retailers to manage costs by knowing exactly what you are spending each time you order. We know it is important to you to be able to have fixed costs when planning your ordering in pre-season and throughout the season.

Click on a warehouse below to see your flat rate shipping rates.

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