2023 Pre-Book Program

The 2023 Pre-book program

What you Need to Know!

  • All orders received before September 15, 2022 receive an additional 1% discount! 
  • Get up to 12% discount on your 2023 Accessories and Paddles!
  • Three shipments on March 15, May 1 and Jun 15th. 
  • Freight discounting earned on a shipment level and not collectively. 50% discount on freight earned when individual shipment contains $2,000+ ($3,000+ CAD) of Vamo products after discounts. FREE freight earned when individual shipment contains $4,000+ ($5,000+ CAD) after discounts. 

  • Pre-Book discounts are done by category. Earn the discount on each a category and it applies to your entire order. 

  • Booking deadline: October 15, 2022.

What do Canada Customers Need to Know! 

  • Each shipment must have $3,000 CAD in VAMO receive FREE brokerage and duties and half off shipping. FREE shipping kicks in when Canada orders hit $5,000 VAMO.


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