Become an OL Affiliate


Join the Ocean Lineage affiliate program, promote our products and earn 30% on the sales you help generate!

Our affiliate program only takes a few minutes to sign up, easy to use and promote, with zero cost to you and minimal time invested! We have partnered with stand-up paddle and surf accessories brand Vamo to make this program possible. You will promote and encourage your community to support your business, through the purchasing of products, via the website. As a result, you will be activating a new revenue stream – as right now every little bit helps!

How does it work?

Step 1: Fill out the form below. Ocean Lineage in conjunction with VAMO will then create an individualized account that comes with a unique web link you will use to promote the program and will track the sales you generate. Take it to the next level with customized links that generate higher conversion rates.



Step 2: Promote, promote, promote! Post your individual weblink on your social media. Email- ALL your contacts. Share with family, friends and customers who want to help and support you.

Step 3: Your unique link with take customers to the Vamo website, where they will automatically receive a 10% discount on ALL products and FREE freight on orders over $35. Vamo processes and ships out the order, so you can focus on other pressing matters.

Step 4: Collect profits. At the end of each month, you will receive payment for your portion of the proceeds - OR - take the payout in the form of an Ocean Lineage credit and receive an additional 20% on your earnings.


Do I need to be a Social Media Guru?  NO

If you have a large social media presence and can use it to reach your customers quickly...great! If you have a stash of emails and want to make sure your customers know they can still get awesome gear and help you...great! 

Sign up to be an affiliate below. We will contact you to go over the details. Once accepted we will provide a step by step on how to get started. Once you are up and running, you can start posting, sharing products, and promoting sales through your social media and email platform to your contacts. You will be directing them to When they check out you will receive 30% of the total sale. Ocean Lineage is taking care of the shipping, merchant fees, and handling. 

How do I set up my affiliate account and start posting? 

Step 1: To get started fill in the form below!

Step 2: Once authorized you will create an account. 

Step 3: 

Follow these instructions to get your personalized link and start promoting.