Affiliate / Influencer Set Up Guide

Step 1: Determine what ability level you are. Nothing wrong with being a beginner. We have set up instructions at each level to help you grow. Below are the tools you can use to get started and reach any ability level. 


Beginner (3-5minutes)

Copy and paste the website link along with your unique discount code to social media and you’re done. Your community will then have access to all the products on the Vamo website; you’ll earn money every time someone places an order. Learn more on how to do this

Intermediate (15-30 minutes)

Create unique product links to the website for highly effective results. Unique links are 6 x’s more likely to result in a sale; invest a little more effort and receive greater results. With over 100 products on the Vamo website, you’ll have plenty of options to promote products that best fit your customer base.  Learn more on how to do this.

Advanced (30 minutes - 1+ hours)

Capitalize on the power of viral growth. Build a unique social media post, with unique product links to maximize the scale and effectiveness of a post. Your post with not only reach your followers, but will be broadcast across all hashtags in your post and multiply your reach. The broader the reach, the larger the potential for sales and your commissions. Learn more on how to do this.