Getting Started - Beginner

How do I put together my first promotion?

Step 1: Determine where you will be most effective at reaching your customers and start there. Engage your customers where they are. If your customers respond really well to email marketing then start there. If your customers interact with you on social media then start there. 

Step 2: Get your Personal Discount Code. A discount code was assigned to you when your account was activated. Any time a customer uses that at the store you will get credit. Now you just have to get it in the hands of your customers. You will learn how to get your personal discount code in the "How To" below. 

Step 3: Build your first promotion using your discount code.  

  1. Determine the products you want to promote.
  2. Choose an image: We always recommend using your own image; however, we have created a Media Vault with stock images for you to choose from. Click here to access the Media Vault.
  3. Write a message: The image hooks the customer into viewing the email or post and the text helps push them towards buying it. It is recommended to write your own note to your customers; however, we have provided suggested copy in the "How to" section. 
  4. Send your promotion: Using your own content or the content provided to you put together your promotion. Let customers know when they use your personal discount code at check out you will get credit for the sale.

If you need help in creating your first post or getting your personal discount code follow the "How to guide for Beginner Affiliates" by clicking here.