How to guide for Advanced Affiliates


Use the tools below to get imagery, copy and your personal discount code and personal link to a collection. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE SO YOU CAN ACCESS IT EASILY

  1. Use original content where possible, but if you need images now Access our Media Vault here.
  2. Use original (copy) content where possible:  Why? Because if it is original content and VAMO is tagged in the post we will re-post your message. Why is this important? If your post is shared by VAMOlife all of VAMO's followers will see it and extend your reach otherwise we have written some example content below. Be sure to follow VAMOlife on Instagram and Facebook. Tag @VAMOlife in all your posts or we may not see your promotion to share it. For inspiration we have listed a few generic examples of copy by category below. Be sure to insert your personal discount code and personal link to the collection of products (you will learn how to do this in the next step).
    1. Generic Shop Post: We Need Your Help! Support our shop when you buy any products from using the Promo Code [insert personal promo code] you will get 10% off everything, FREE shipping on orders over $35, and we will get credit for the sale. It’s a win-win. Be sure to  check out with the Promo Code [insert your personal promo code] and get yourself a little retail therapy now. Thanks!
    2. Locking Tie Downs Post: These locking tie down straps are awesome and the best way to keep your boards secured to the roof AND prevent ‘sticky fingers’ from stealing boards when you’ve got eyes on the water. Buy any product from using the Promo Code [insert personal promo code] and get 10% off everything, FREE shipping over $35 and give us the credit for the sale. Sweet product- check, helping your favorite shop- check, saving money- check- you’re one step away from crushing it!
  3. How do I get my Personal Discount Code?  You already have on when you became an affiliate. It's sitting on your affiliate dashboard just waiting for you. 
    1. Navigate to the footer of the (Affiliate Dashboard) or (Influencer Dashboard) home page. Both lead to the Affiliate Dashboard login. Using your credentials log in.
    2. After you have logged in find the section entitled "Referral Tools." There is a coupon ticket image with text next to it. That is your personal discount code. See example below highlighted in red. 
    3. Make sure your customers know this is your Personal Discount code. Anyone that enters that code at check out will earn you 30% of the entire sale. 
  4. How do I get my personal links to a collection of product that has my discount code embedded in it? Remember, this is a more lengthy process but you are 40% more likely to get a sale by sending someone directly to the collection you are posting about. The discount code automatically is applied in their shopping cart at check out saving them time and ensuring you get credit for the sale. 
    1. To get started you will need to create a personal link to a collection. (If you want to learn how to do a personal link to a specific product you will need to go to the How to guide for Advanced Affiliates) 
    2. Open your Internet Browser: Go to VAMOlife: find the collection you want to promote. In this example we will be looking at the VAMO UV covers. There are three different board covers. Let's create a promotional link to the landing page for board covers. 
      1. Navigate to the board covers collection:>accessories>board covers. 
      2. Once you are on the board covers collection page, click in the URL browser (See image below for reference).  Highlight everything AFTER (see example below). This is the Product URL. Copy the Product URL
    3. Scroll down to the section titled "Referral Tools". This is a list of the active personal links that have previously been created. We are going to create a new link using the Product URL you copied in the previous step. Click "New Link"
    4. A "New Referral Link" window will open. The beginning of the URL is already present ( Click in the open window following the URL. Be sure all information in the window is highlighted (See example below). Paste the Product URLClick Save
    5. This action added a personal link to the UV Board Covers. To find which one the link for the UV Covers is you must look at the "Destination" field under "Referral Tools" by sliding your screen right. 
    6. Once you have located the row for the Board Covers you need to copy the personal link by highlighting the cell. One click should select all the text in the field. To be 100% certain you captured the entire link click in the cell, start highlighting at the "H" in https:// and drag right. Copy the Entire Link. (You may or may not see code to the right of "" Not all browsers will show the entire link you just copied; however, it has been copied. if you can see the entire link: It is comprised of your affiliate ID and product code. When someone clicks on this link it will take them directly to the UV Cover collection and register your affiliate code so you get credit for the sale). 
    7. With your Personal Link copied, you are now ready to paste it into any email or social media promotion. (Your Personal Link will remain on your affiliate dashboard anytime you want to copy and use it. If you want to have a copy of this on file elsewhere; you can create an email to yourself noting the related product and pasting the link into the email).
  5. Email: This is the URL link you send to anyone. You will get credit for anything purchased on the site as your personal link has registered the user as your customer.
  6. Social Media: Paste the link into any of your posts promoting product. Anyone who clicks on your post and goes to will carry your personal link with it. This will make sure you get credit for the sale.Be sure to follow VAMO Life on Instagram and Facebook. Tag all posts with @VAMOlife. We will re-post them and tag the products on our website. Anyone that orders through those extensions you will still get credit for the sale. 

Have fun and contact us at for questions or support!

Let us know if you have any trouble with anything. Check back in at your affiliate dashboard to track progress and see how much you are earning.